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We specialise in the repair and service all Märklin H0/OO model trains and are a registered Australian business, ABN ‘13693291720’. Major work undertaken is analogue or 6080 to MM2 native or MFX digital conversions; gear train replacements and AC motor conversions from LFCM, SFCM and DCM motors to 5 pole high efficiency DC motors, especially for digital conversion.
Repair and servicing is also done on Märklin 1950’s type locomotives such as the *800 series, plus the 30*/31* series right up to the current 36*, 37* and 39* series. There is an extensive range of spare parts in stock, with a full range of Märklin MM2, mLD/3, mSD/3 sound decoders. Märklin parts are sourced direct from various trade houses in Germany and Italy, depending on the locomotive manufacturing era and type. Strickly, ONLY genuine Märklin spares are used in all servicing and conversions. However, the only non standard parts used are cable, heatshrink and plasticard to obtain a neat factory finished job, where necessary. 
There are four levels of service we undertake and 3 have set prices.
1. The first is an inspection. This is to disassemble, flush with solvent and reassemble the chassis. This is so we can judge and measure the condition of critical parts without the years of grease and dirt accumulation. The customer is always contacted at this point for options and pricing. Also simple repairs like broken motor leads or loose motor mountings, without chassis disassembly are within this schedule. For people that need basic Marklin software upgrades such as for MS2, decoder firmware, are simple tasks.

2. The second is a basic overhaul, which includes the inspection cost and services. In this schedule we replace all consumables such as traction tyres, motor brushes and lamps.  Minor repairs such as armatures are replaced or a decoder replacement are done in this category. Locomotives are returned with a report and a concise test label for date, amperage and digital address reference information.

3. The third schedule is a major overhaul. This is usually for analogue to digital conversions or major gear train replacement where a lot of time is required to undertake the job.

4. With extremely time consuming jobs, these are quoted only after a full discussion with the customer. These types of jobs could involve milling of chassis blocks to take decoders and or later DC motor shields, in the main though these are avoided due to the complexities and costs.
Inspection only – $25
Basic overhaul – $45
Major overhaul – $75
These prices do not include spare parts and consumables which are all at an extra cost to these charges.

Quality workmanship is upmost. As an apprentice trained electrician, our Mechanic/Technician has been trained in a background of proper heavy industry workshop skills such as dismantling mechanisms with presses and press tools, has worked on servicing flame detection control and the setup of PLC motor control systems. Also skilled in excellent soldering techniques essential with decoders. With an IT background the setup of decoders and tailoring to them is straightforward with this university trained knowledge. Workmanship is under warranty for 3 months.

With the older analogue Märklin locos the reverse unit can be overhauled to work like new, as we have repaired many and have a couple of special realignment tools to work on them. Some second hand units are in stock if all else fails. We also have later edition Märklin replacement electronic reverse units which are quite safe to use on the old blue transformers.

A 37376 MFX conversion using a 607977 mSD/3 sound decoder. Note the special mounting plate made for the decoder seating, fabricated with plasticard. Also the special test label to record essential repair information.

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