Work Background

My background for servicing model trains comes from many areas. Once trained as an apprenticed electrical fitter I spent 6 years working in heavy industry. This was in a textile mill servicing production lines as part of a 40 manned maintenance crew. Much experience was gained in keeping plant equipment operating, without any available spare parts, as they had to be repaired or re-made. 

Hornby Dublo trains were serviced for 20 years for members in the Australian Hornby club (HRCAA).  I did work in conjunction with a chap that lived in Exeter UK, in the remanufacture of essential Dublo spares such as motor commutators, brushes and traction tyres. He had a number of original Dublo factory tooling such as armature winding machines and injection moulding tools. These were used to achieve the best possible replacement parts for servicing Dublo for both of us. However this supply is no longer available and our business now concentrates on Märklin.

Märklin model trains have been repaired for 10 years. We currently support three Australia Märklin (basically all) retail firms for their model train repairs. The actual Märklin brand I have had a long time interest in its products and collecting. As a boy I would always go into Jim and Cliff Searles in Pitt Street, Sydney and be given their latest Märklin catalogue. We would always look out for the new loco for the year, plus all the pieces we could never have. These days it is collecting information on parts obtainability and how to best to repair Märklin. Many trade houses in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Italy provide us with the original spares we require. 

On the digital side, I have had 26 years experience working on IBM mainframes as an Analyst/Programmer. There are no coding changes done to decoders of course other than at CV level, however the background is helpful is understanding the decoder functionality, decoder file downloads, problems and setup. 

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