Decoder & Spare Parts List

List of common decoders and spares for sale

No Part$AUS Price each
7151Traction tyres each2.00
7152Traction tyres each2.00
7153Traction tyres each2.00
7154Traction tyres each2.00
7164Collector skate 7164 (1PK) 21925010.00
7173Collector site for 3005 (E201570)10.00
7174Collector skate (E212010)10.00
7175Collector skate (204950)10.00
7183Collector skate for 302115.96
7185Collector skate (214530)10.00
7194Reverse spring3.50
7203STD coupling (263730)3.50
7219Pantograph 42.40
7226Smoke Unit55.30
60760Decoder kit – MM cable89.00
60906Decoder kit – AC/DC motors MFX89.00
60941Motor conversion kit – DCM59.00
60943Motor conversion kit – SFCM59.00
60944Motor conversion – LFCM 59.00
60972mLD/3 loco Decoder kit – plate89.00
60973Decoder board for directional pickup70.00
60975mSD/3 Steam loco Decoder kit – plate183.00
60976mSD/3 Diesel loco Decoder kit – plate183.00
60977mSD/3 Electric loco Decoder kit – plate183.00
60982mLD/3  loco Decoder kit – cable89.00
60983mLD/3 cable and higer output AMPS89.00
60985mSD/3  loco steam Decoder kit – cable175.00
72270Smoke Unit55.30
188838Motor for 30080 BR01 (with special endplate)52.00
205810Treibgestell (komplett) rear chassis with wheels, gears for 3027 or 3047 BR4459.00
CS3 nano glass screen protector (made by BROTECT Germany)29.50
Updated 15/12/22
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