Dublo Armature Rewinds

About our Dublo armature rewinds

We specialise in rewinding Hornby Dublo armatures only. At present we can do the long and short shaft 3/4 inch with fine or course worms, with Delta or Star windings. We also do the 5/8 inch ring-field types. Rewinds are done with new commutators and plastic coil seats, essential for quality rewinds, especially the commutator replacement. Armatures are stripped, cleaned with a wire brush to remove rust. The bare rotor is then treated with an anti-rusting solution. Rewinding is done on a special winding machine for optimal results, which gives a tight even wind. An exchange armature must be supplied, in most cases we will rewind your original armature.

NB At this stage we are not doing the 1/2 inch motors. We really need a new injection moulding tool for the plastic coil seats first, before we can undertake this work. Probably depends on demand for the first two armatures already available.

Page is CURRENTLY being built.

Currently the all rewinds and Dublo servicing are on HOLD at the moment, as we have too many Marklin repairs to do.

Winding tool face with mounted 3/4 inch armature rotor.

Parts used in 3/4 inch armature rewind – commutator and plastic coil seats.

Parts used in 5/8 inch armature rewind – commutator and plastic coil seats.

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