Märklin Spare Parts

As an authorised Marklin spares stockist, Märklin spares are quite extensive and sold at competitive retail Australian prices. Spares are sourced direct from Märklin, Göppingen and various trade houses in Europe. Email or ring us with your requirements. New parts for very old Märklin such as the *800 series are bought up when available in Europe and collected for repairing. We also have a large stock of *800 spares bought from an ex Australian agent and contains many rare spares back to 1947. These are available, however their initial cost was very high due to their scarcity and we prefer to use them in repairs only. We have a very extensive Märklin library for parts identification and servicing going back to 1947. Märklin pre-war such as the *700 (OO series) back to 1936 is so rare we have never seen it to work on. However if the opportunity arises we would be very happy to work on it and obtain spares.

Parts for non-Märklin model trains are not sold generally other than in repairing or servicing due their scarcity and demand. Repairs in this area have a very limited request and are offered as an extra service if required.

Our parts supply of *800, 30/31* series parts ex-shop stock, excluding current Marklin available spares.

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