Märklin Spare Parts

Märklin Spare Parts General

As an authorised Marklin spares stockist, Märklin spares are quite extensive and sold at competitive retail Australian prices. We have around 1,000 stock item spares, and probably the best stock level in Australia. Spares are sourced direct from Märklin, Göppingen and various trade houses in Europe. Email or ring us with your requirements. NOS (new old stock) parts for very old Märklin such as the *800 series are bought up when available in Europe and collected for repairing. We also have a large stock of *800 NOS spares bought from an ex Australian agent and contains many rare spares back to 1947. We have a very extensive Märklin library for parts identification and servicing going back to 1947. In fact we have a complete factory Märklin service document set from 1954 to 1980 that has all loco variations, Hamo versions, coaches and wagons for this period.

Marklin Decoders

We have a full range of Märklin catalogued decoders in stock. These are basically the MM2, mSD/3 and mLD/s decoders in different formats and types (21MTC pin and harness). Decoders for specific locomotives are generally not available from Märklin, however we have found a source from Europe that have many back catalogue decoders in stock. Also in many instances they can supply a tailor made locomotive decoder to original factory specifications. These are expensive, however they keep the full originality of a locomotive, which some customers prefer.

800, 30/31* series NOS parts

Our parts supply of *800, 30/31* series NOS parts ex-shop stock, excluding current Märklin available spares.

Nano glass screen protectors

We have a batch of nano glass screen protectors in stock made by BROTECT Germany for the Märklin CS3 and CS3 plus digital controllers. The screen protectors can be supplied separately or fitted in our workshop. They offer protection and a better working surface that is easily to keep clean and a fine hard finish. Call or email for prices.

BROTECT information
The nano glass is 2x thinner and lighter than other tempered glass protectors and more flexible than all other glass protectors on the market, while still offering super strong anti-scratch hardness of thicker tempered screen protectors. It has Ultra-Light properties and High-Transparency to ensure you have a clear, unobstructed, sharp view of the display, while maintaining touch-screen and multi-touch sensitivity.

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