Other Work Undertaken

An example locomotive in for repair, a Ferris F52 NSWGR C36 3 rail AC locomotive and tender. Fully serviced with a complete disassembly, cleaned with solvent, reoiled, new traction tyres and fully tested. A scarce Australian O-gauge tinplate locomotive made around 1954 in Sydney, now back in service.

Work is undertaken on current Trix as it is very similar to Märklin. Brands such as LGB, Fleischmann, Rivarossi, Marklin G1 and Z we have had exposure to and can source the spares parts from Europe. Older brands such as Hornby Acho, Trix Express and Trix Twin we do not mind as we like the antiquity about them as they are well made and suited for repair. 

Hornby Dublo repairs are done, with access to a full range of spares obtainable from the UK. There is a stock of common rewound armatures (on hold at the moment 04/07/19) kept in the workshop, these being obtained from the UK as well. Wrenn which is very similar to Dublo is also repaired as most of their design is compatible with Dublo having used the same tooling.
Tri-ang and Hornby Railways formally manufactured at Margate, Kent, UK, are normally done, and we have importantly two industrial grade magnetisers to restore the field magnets to factory specs. Some common spares such as armatures are kept in stock for repairs, sourced from UK enthusiasts as Hornby Hobbies no longer market them.

We do service some very old Australian electric O-gauge brands such as Ferris and Robilt. We do have new original Ferris pickups, gearwheels, reverse units, traction tyres however not sold separately as stocks are understandably very limited. Clockwork O-gauge brands such as Robilt, Maurlyn and Hornby the workshop is unfortunately not set up for, however we do have contacts to help in this area.

Chinese made H0 model trains, UK, Australian and European are not generally repaired. Spare parts are not available from the manufacturers and the mechanisms are very hard to service without breakage. Thus, only limited servicing can be undertaken on these style of trains.

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