We also have in the workshop, tooling such as presses, wheel press dies, wheel quartering jigs, brush bedding tools, vernier calipers and many other assembly tools for the mechanical engineering aspect of locomotive rebuilding. On the decoder side we have mDT digital software coupled to a Digital Programmer for decoder testing, setup, sound file and motor profile downloads, plus analysis. Current Märklin mLD/3, mSD/3 and equivalent decoders can be updated with firmware updates supplied online by the factory.

Eyelet Tooling for replacing broken lamp holder and valve gear eyelets.
Wheelset Press Tool.

This is a specialised press tool for replacing Marklin Wheelsets and regauging correct ‘Back to Back’..

Magnetising for the old Hornby-Dublo and Tri-ang Railways brands are done on an industrial grade machine with an excess of over 20,000 gauss. Built by ex Meccano Chief Electrical Engineer – Ronald Wyborn, who was the head electrical design of Hornby-Dublo from 1938-64. This we bought direct from Ronald in 1982 and it has repaired many locos since. This is an invaluable tool we have in the workshop.

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